Top 3 Android Apps That Can Amaze You

Android is the most popular operating system and ios and Windows comes after it. Now Google has launched Android Kitkat which is far better than Android Jelly Bean. Today I am telling you about three android applications that can make your daily experience smooth and fast.

1. Diskdigger Pro APK provides the most excellent web experience in evaluation to any other browser. It’s a crunchy, light, incredibly sensitive browser which is most effective for the low-end Android operating system Smart phone. UC Web browser can be easily download from the play store and it comes with so many brilliant features like night mode, most used sites, secure window etc. The most major factor to take in consideration about UC Web browser is its fast page running speed and useful functions to eat less data. You can Download UC Browser APK File Here. It is one of the most downloaded browsers.

2. SB Game Hacker : Blackmart Alpha is a tremendous and very exclusive application because Blackmart helps you to download all paid applications, games and other stuff. Blackmart Alpha is a very important app for every android device. Assume you want to try a game before purchasing it, you can do it through Blackmart Alpha. For downloading blackmart alpha you require an android device but it must be operated with android version 2.0.1 and upper version than it. You can grab Game Hacker Download.

3. Link2SD  : There are many social messaging apps available but only two apps are popular. One is Whats App and other is Viber. But I am much in the favor of Whats app because it has fastest message delivery and easy to use. But on the other hand it has no calling feature and Viber takes a plus point in this area. Whatsapp APK is the real deal. Link2SD Plus APK Download is here. Anyway try all these apps and share your opinion with me. I am an android lover and wants to share and gain things about android.